10 Things I Won’t Do in the Sports Card Market

There are so many great people and aspects of the sports card hobby. So many incredible people donate their time to educate others. You can find so many incredible collections online. Companies and hobbyists provide new and innovative ways to buy and sell cards almost every day. But some people do things that I’m not … Read more

The Loaded 1989 Score Football Set

1989 Score football wasn’t the most popular football set the year it was released. That honor went to Pro Set. However, it’s now considered a landmark modern football set and rivals many other modern baseball sets in popularity. The 1989 Score Football Set There are 330 cards in the 1989 Score set. Score did something … Read more

1975 Topps Baseball Rack Pack Card Placement

1975 Topps Baseball cards are an incredibly popular product. The set has both the George Brett and Robin Yount rookie cards and a slew of other Hall-of-Famers. Additionally, there is still a lot of unopened product from this set on the market. However, with rising prices, the vintage sports card market is attracting more forgers … Read more

Forgotten Second Cards: 1952 Topps Pete Runnels

Introduction James Edward “Pete” Runnels MLB career spanned from 1951-1964 as a player with a short stint as the Boston Red Sox manager from 1965-1966. He was a solid hitter who finished his career with a .291 Batting Average while twice being the AL batting champion and earning five trips to the All-Star game. Pete … Read more

The 1958 and 1959 Topps Mickey Mantle All-Star Cards

In 1958, Topps introduced their first subset, a group of All-Star cards sponsored by SPORT Magazine. Yankee Slugger Mickey Mantle was, of course, included. In their 1959 release, Topps expanded to include three subsets, All-Star cards, Baseball Thrills, and Rookie Stars. Again, Mickey Mantle was in the All-Star set. I thought it would be interesting … Read more

Six Cards That Mattered When I was a Kid

Like many kids in the 80s and early 90s, I collected sports cards with a relentless passion. I was lucky to live in cities with iconic athletes and a bunch of professional sports teams. I grew up in Baltimore when Cal Ripken was a perennial MLB All-Star. My family then moved to Chicago, where we … Read more

Five Underrated Baseball Rookie Cards

There are so many criteria one could use to call a baseball card underrated. A baseball card’s merit has a lot to do with the player’s popularity. But, a teammate could have overshadowed the player on the card. Some play in small markets and don’t get national attention. The card might not be as popular … Read more

Rising Prices: 1974 Topps Basketball Unopened

Introduction The price of unopened sports card material has been skyrocketing for a few years. In particular, 1970s Basketball has seen an unusually high growth rate over the past two years. Already printed in far lower numbers than its baseball counterparts, 1970s basketball wax was already tough to find. I’ll be using the 1974 Topps … Read more