Building a 1970s Topps Graded Basketball Card Collection on a $250 Budget

I’m a big fan of the 1970s Topps basketball cards. They had low print runs, have a truly unique look, and are chock-full of superstars.  In modern basketball card collecting, I see many people being priced out by $1000 Prizm and refactor cards. So my goal is to present an alternative. To put together a … Read more

Certified Collectibles Group and 5 Ways the Sports Card Grading Industry Should Embrace Technology

The other day, I saw an article on Sports Collectors Daily announcing that Certified Collectibles Group is getting in the sports card authentication game. The card grading side of the company will be called Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG).  Overall, I think it’s a positive thing for a significant player to enter the space. Competition is good, and … Read more

10 Oddball Vintage Basketball Cards To Consider Adding to Your Collection

If you collect vintage basketball cards, you likely have select cards from the most iconic sets like 1948 Bowman, 1957 Topps, 1961 Fleer, and 1969 Topps. You might also collect key rookies from the 1970s Topps runs. And based on my definition, post-war cards run from 1945 to the present day, so the 1980s Fleer … Read more

10 Things I Won’t Do in the Sports Card Market

There are so many great people and aspects of the sports card hobby. So many incredible people donate their time to educate others. You can find so many incredible collections online. Companies and hobbyists provide new and innovative ways to buy and sell cards almost every day. But some people do things that I’m not … Read more

The Loaded 1989 Score Football Set

1989 Score football wasn’t the most popular football set the year it was released. That honor went to Pro Set. However, it’s now considered a landmark modern football set and rivals many other modern baseball sets in popularity. The 1989 Score Football Set There are 330 cards in the 1989 Score set. Score did something … Read more