Brooks Robinson Card Show Appearances In Early 1982

A few weeks ago, I shared an advertisement for the January 1982 Baltimore Sports Collectibles Show. I highlighted it because Brooks Robinson was signing on Saturday, January 16th, of the show. I noted that Robinson was a guest at a lot of shows back then.

Well, in the March 1982 issue of Trader Speaks, two more shows highlighted Brooks Robinson as a guest. First, the Central Jersey 8 had him on Sunday, February 28th, 1982.

Then, the Philadelphia Sports Spectacular 1 highlighted Robinson’s attendance on both days of their March 6-7 show, along with Stan Musial on Sunday and Chris Short on both days.

He was really making the rounds in early ’82!

$5 Hank Aaron Autographs

Here’s some hobby-show history from March 1982, when you could get a Hank Aaron autograph for $5!

The advertisement for the “East Coast’s Newest and Largest Show..Sports & Paper Collectible Show and Sale” in White Plains, NY, was scanned from the February 1982 issue of Trader Speaks.

And here’s what may be the coolest Hank Aaron signed items in the hobby: a signed ticket stub from the game where he hit his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth.

New York’s Biggest One Day Show and Bobby Richardson’s 1965 Topps Card

Here’s a card show history throwback to January 1982 when “New York’s Biggest And Best One Day Show” was held at JFK’s Travelodge International Hotel with guest star Bobby Richardson!

The pictured 1965 Topps #115 Bobby Richardson is an oft-graded card with PSA having slabbed over 450. However, there isn’t a single Gem Mint 10.

By the way, did you know Richardson is the only player to win the World Series MVP award for the losing team?

Alan Mr. Mint Rosen’s 1952 Topps Wax Pack Seattle Find

Here’s a photo from Rosen’s book True Mint of his $75k deal for hundreds of low number, black back, 1952 Topps baseball packs.

Rosen wrote that he was at a show in Seattle in 1991 when, right before the show, a man walked in with hundreds of packs of 1952 Topps baseball cards cellophane-wrapped in bricks of six. And since the seller had opened a few, there were also five Pafkos and a bunch of other low-number cards.

The seller told Rosen he got the cards at a garage sale for $50 and didn’t have more, but Rosen wrote that the seller sold several more to other dealers and consigned several low-number boxes in an auction.

The Fourth Annual National Sports Collectors Convention

The marketing blitz is on for this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention, but for a bit of hobby history, here’s an ad for the 4th NSCC show, held at the Holiday Inn O’Hare-Kennedy in Chicago from July 7 to 10, 1983.

The ad is from the April 1983 issue of Trader Speaks.

Here’s the program for the show. More scans from inside of it another time!

1982 Baltimore Sports Collectibles Show

Throwback to the January 1982 Baltimore Sports Collectibles Show with Guest Star Brooks Robinson. 

This ad is from the January 1982 issue of Trader Speaks.

Robinson played his entire 23-season MLB career with the Orioles (winning 16 consecutive Gold Glove awards). Ted Patterson wrote, “Never has a player meant more to a franchise and more to a city than Brooks meant to the Orioles and the city of Baltimore.” When you look at card show ads from the early 80s in Maryland, you will see that Robinson was a guest at a ton of them.