1991 Topps Desert Shield Wax Pack and Box Authentication

Over the blog’s history, I have written about 1991 Topps Desert Shield Cards quite a few times. In October 2022, I wrote about how many Desert Shield cards Topps printed, detailed the Chipper Jones card in October 2021, and shared five surprisingly expensive cards from the set in August 2021. Cards from the set have … Read more

The 1976 Topps Basketball and Hockey Free Goods Factory Sealed Boxes and Cases

As a fan of vintage unopened sports cards, I’ve studied a lot of the products and have a goal to document them all on the Unopened Archive. Recently, the BBCEmporium listed for sale a pair of vintage unopened items that I had only ever heard actually existed; factory-sealed 1976 Topps basketball boxes. See, before 1990, … Read more