The Three Ways to Tell the Difference Between 1973, 1974, and 1975 Topps Baseball Cello Boxes

Readers of the blog know I write about unopened material quite a bit, and I even have an archive that documents unopened products to educate collectors and preserve hobby history. Recently, thanks to a Facebook group dedicated to vintage wax and packs and developing the archives for 1973, 1974, and 1975 Topps Baseball, I learned … Read more

5 Scarce High-Grade 1970s Topps Basketball Cards

A lot of people collect PSA graded sets. And there has been growth in the collecting of 1970s Topps basketball cards. Most people don’t realize how much lower the print runs of basketball were in the 70s than basketball, so collectors are getting a little caught off guard about some of the really low population … Read more

This Week in Sports Cards #6

I’ve never been a huge hockey collector, but it makes me want to jump into the space when I see incredible unopened pack runs like these. The Era of Million Dollar Cards This week, Goldin Auctions reported that it sold a 2000 Playoff Contender Tom Brady for $1.7M (in LiteCoin Crypto). And on April 26th, … Read more