1952 Topps Wings 5-Cent Wax Box

You’ll occasionally find a 1952 Topps Wings cello pack for sale, but wax is far scarcer. So I was pretty surprised when I ran across this nearly complete 5-cent wax box from an April 2004 auction catalog.

This lot was for a “marvelously well-preserved, two-part Wings display box that once held thirty-six 5-cent packs of the aviation-themed treasures. Thirty of the unopened wax packs are still nestled inside and, with their 8” x 5-5/8”x 1-1/2” lidded counter-sales box, they recreate the vision of a confectioners display from more than a half-century ago.”

The box was described as Near Mint and the packs as Excellent to Mint. The lot also included this flattened wrapper.

As far as I can tell, PSA has only slabbed two 1952 Topps Wings wax packs: the following PSA 7 and another graded 8, which includes a 5-cent designation on the flip. There are 30 cello packs in the Pop Report.

However, The Baseball Card Exchange did offer this “1952 Topps Wings Wax Unopened Box (1 Cent)(120 Packs)” for sale on their website for $16k a while ago, and there are a few GAI-slabbed wax packs, too.

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