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The Curious Thing About 1979 Topps Baseball Sell Sheets

In June 2021, I wrote about the 1981 and 1982 Topps Baseball Cello Sheets and how interesting it was that Topps used their wax packs to advertise their cello products. Well, that’s not the first time Topps did something interesting on sell sheets from a marketing perspective.

The 1979 Topps baseball sell sheets, for wax-packs, rak-paks, and supermarket 3-paks, all feature the same image of Doug Griffin on the flyer. The thing is, he barely played for the Red Sox after 1975. Topps didn’t even make a card for him after 1977. 

1979 Topps Baseball Wax Box Sell Sheet
1979 Topps Baseball Rak-Pak Sell Sheet
1979 Topps Baseball Supermarket 3-Pak Sell Sheet

A fellow collector, Don Shields, over on Twitter, pointed out that Griffin wore #2 before Jerry Remy and was released in early 1977 after playing in only five games and never played again in the majors. 

1977 Topps #191 Doug Griffin

So Topps used a circa 1973/1974 image of a former player to advertise a 1979 product. 

Nevertheless, it is a great photo that matches that marketing tagline of “…going all the way!” and “having lighting reflexes and precision at third saving runs” (even though Griffin played second base). 

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