Inside the Baseball Card Business: Insights from a 1966 Topps Baseball Point of Sale Order Booklet

Well, wouldn’t you know it? Hot on the heels of my previous article about 1960s Topps Baseball Dealer Sell Sheets, I stumble across an incredible Topps point-of-sale order booklet from 1966. High Card Company sold the booklet for $301 in September 2017, and as a time capsule, it adds a layer of insight to the … Read more

The Curious Thing About 1979 Topps Baseball Sell Sheets

In June 2021, I wrote about the 1981 and 1982 Topps Baseball Cello Sheets and how interesting it was that Topps used their wax packs to advertise their cello products. Well, that’s not the first time Topps did something interesting on sell sheets from a marketing perspective. The 1979 Topps baseball sell sheets, for wax-packs, … Read more

1981 and 1982 Topps Baseball Cello Sell Sheets

Topps used to distribute sell sheets (printed flyers) to dealers and local retailers to promote their products. I’m a big fan of them; since I’m an amateur hobby historian, they are a means to learn product codes, case and card count, pricing, and other distribution facts. Topps usually gave us everything except the print counts … Read more