The 1982 Omaha Sports Collectors Show With Bob Feller And Warren Spahn

The 1982 Omaha Sports Collectors Show, co-sponsored by Coors and held in parallel with the College World Series, featured Bob Feller and Warren Spahn, who signed autos for $1!

A destination card show with a relevant sponsor featuring some incredible sets on exhibit from William McAvoy (N28, T205, T-3 Cabines, and 1933 Goudey) and two incredible signers. Sign me up.

On card autos weren’t as big a thing back in ’82, but in concert with the advertisement, here are signed copies of each of their 1953 Topps baseball cards that I found on eBay.

PS, this ad was in the May 1982 edition of Trader Speaks; how incredible is the cover?

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