Potential Baseball Card Hobby Monsters

High-dollar sales of sportscards are headline grabbers. But you’re just not going to see high-dollar sales of raw post-war cards anymore (whether you like card grading or not, at least authentication is something most people can get behind, but that’s a conversation for another day). Within the post-war sports card market, when PSA grades a … Read more

10 of the Toughest Sports Cards to Track Down

A lot of iconic hobby cards are readiliy available; they just cost a lot. But others seem to never come to market. Here is a rundown of 10 of the most challenging post-war sports cards to find in the hobby, whether due to scarcity or condition sensitivity, ignoring some of the very obscure oddball cards. … Read more

Ranking The Last Card of 13 Post-War Baseball Legends

A lot of collectors focus on rookie cards and superstar cards from key sets like 1952 Topps. One thing collectors tend to overlook is the last card of a player’s career. What’s cool about the last cards is that they usually present a player’s full career statistics and summarize their entire career. Using the final … Read more

1964 Topps Baseball Cards and The Greatest Game Ever Pitched

If you’re looking to add a little more unique meaning to your post-war card collection, consider collecting cards related to historically significant events in the history of the game. In a 4 hour and 10-minute game on July 2, 1963, Juan Marichal threw a 16-inning shutout to beat Warren Spahn (who threw 15 1/3 scoreless … Read more