1975 Topps Cello Packs with George Brett On Top are Fake

I recently shared the following photo of a 1975 Topps Baseball Mini Cello Pack with George Brett on top to the PostWarCards Twitter audience.  Unfortunately, the pack is fake. Any 1975 Topps Cello pack (mini or regular) with George Brett on top is fake. I wrote a blog post about the proper 1975 Topps Cello … Read more

10 of the Toughest Sports Cards to Track Down

A lot of iconic hobby cards are readiliy available; they just cost a lot. But others seem to never come to market. Here is a rundown of 10 of the most challenging post-war sports cards to find in the hobby, whether due to scarcity or condition sensitivity, ignoring some of the very obscure oddball cards. … Read more