5 Hockey Wrappers Manufacturers Probably Wouldn’t Use Today

As I’ve been researching hockey sets for the Unopened Archive, I’ve noticed two things. First, vintage hockey wrappers and wax boxes had the best designs of the four major sports. Second, a lot of the giveaways and drawings used in the vintage post-war era wouldn’t be selected for use on packs today. Here are a … Read more

The Three Ways to Tell the Difference Between 1973, 1974, and 1975 Topps Baseball Cello Boxes

Readers of the blog know I write about unopened material quite a bit, and I even have an archive that documents unopened products to educate collectors and preserve hobby history. Recently, thanks to a Facebook group dedicated to vintage wax and packs and developing the archives for 1973, 1974, and 1975 Topps Baseball, I learned … Read more

The Story of the Scarce 1975 Topps Football Team Checklists

Most Topps vintage sports card wrappers featured mail-in offers for sports-related knick-knacks (card lockers, albums, ball&strike counters, etc.), but they occasionally had an offer for cards. One such example happened in 1975 when one of the Topps football wrappers featured a mail-in offer to “Get All 26 Team Check List Cards.” The 1975 Topps Football … Read more

The Only Card Topps Made for a Pinch Runner

In writing an article about 1975 Topps baseball, I had a  lot of options; Robin Yount or George Brett’s rookie cards, the mini-cards, the colorful borders, commemorative cards, or stories about unopened products, among many other topics about this super popular 660-card set. But I’ve decided to talk about Herb Washington instead. The 1975 Topps … Read more

5 Scarce High-Grade 1970s Topps Basketball Cards

A lot of people collect PSA graded sets. And there has been growth in the collecting of 1970s Topps basketball cards. Most people don’t realize how much lower the print runs of basketball were in the 70s than basketball, so collectors are getting a little caught off guard about some of the really low population … Read more

1975 Topps Cello Packs with George Brett On Top are Fake

I recently shared the following photo of a 1975 Topps Baseball Mini Cello Pack with George Brett on top to the PostWarCards Twitter audience.  Unfortunately, the pack is fake. Any 1975 Topps Cello pack (mini or regular) with George Brett on top is fake. I wrote a blog post about the proper 1975 Topps Cello … Read more

1975 Topps Baseball Rack Pack Card Placement

1975 Topps Baseball cards are an incredibly popular product. The set has both the George Brett and Robin Yount rookie cards and a slew of other Hall-of-Famers. Additionally, there is still a lot of unopened product from this set on the market. However, with rising prices, the vintage sports card market is attracting more forgers … Read more