The Curiously Similar 1970 Topps Baseball and Basketball Checklists

When you study cards as much as I do, you start noticing themes and similarities across the hobby, and I saw something really interesting the other day. Many of you know I’m a big fan of sports card checklists; well, it turns out that the 1970 Topps baseball 5th Series Checklist (#432) and the 1970 … Read more

5 Scarce High-Grade 1970s Topps Basketball Cards

A lot of people collect PSA graded sets. And there has been growth in the collecting of 1970s Topps basketball cards. Most people don’t realize how much lower the print runs of basketball were in the 70s than basketball, so collectors are getting a little caught off guard about some of the really low population … Read more

5 Super Tough Basketball Checklists

I recently jumped into vintage sports card checklist collecting and have gone deep down the rabbit hole. I’ve noticed that high-grade basketball checklists are particularly scarce in high grades, so I wanted to share a little more about five super-tough checklists here on the blog.  1969 Topps #99 Checklist 1-99 The 99-card 1969 Topps basketball … Read more

1970 – 1972 Topps Baseball Grocery Cello Packs are Fake

I’ve made it a bit of a habit on this blog to call out fake unopened products, and it seems I need to do it again. Topps did not manufacture 12-card baseball grocery cello packs from 1970-1972. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these fake packs that continue to pop up on the market. For … Read more

Why Are There So Many Vintage Checklist Variations?

I’ve written about baseball card errors quite a few times on this site. More modern cards like the 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken FF Error and the 1990 Topps Frank Thomas NNOF have gained incredible popularity recently. And there are countless vintage printing mistakes across all sports commanding huge prices in the hobby. But a quote … Read more

1970 Topps Baseball Rack Pack Facts

An online auction just pulled another piece of fake unopened product. This time, it was a 1970 Topps Baseball Rack Pack. Like the 1958 Topps Cello Pack forgeries I wrote about previously, there are many fake 1970 Topps Baseball Rack Packs on the market. In this post, I’ll summarize the characteristics of a legitimate pack … Read more

A Few Vintage Basketball Printing Errors

In August 2020, I wrote a pair of articles about expensive baseball card printing errors, a vintage edition, and a modern edition article. This post will discuss a few vintage basketball card printing errors that collectors who are OCD about completeness will want to hunt down for their collections. 1948 Bowman Basketball Second Series Gray … Read more