5 Surprisingly Expensive 1991 Topps Desert Shield Cards

The 1991 Topps Desert Shield set was a special run of 1991 Topps cards (identical but for a gold foil Desert Shield logo) made for military members deployed as part of the Gulf War.  The set is incredibly popular today for a few reasons: Topps did not make that many cards; some estimates are around … Read more

1975 Topps Cello Packs with George Brett On Top are Fake

I recently shared the following photo of a 1975 Topps Baseball Mini Cello Pack with George Brett on top to the PostWarCards Twitter audience.  Unfortunately, the pack is fake. Any 1975 Topps Cello pack (mini or regular) with George Brett on top is fake. I wrote a blog post about the proper 1975 Topps Cello … Read more

1970 – 1972 Topps Baseball Grocery Cello Packs are Fake

I’ve made it a bit of a habit on this blog to call out fake unopened products, and it seems I need to do it again. Topps did not manufacture 12-card baseball grocery cello packs from 1970-1972. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these fake packs that continue to pop up on the market. For … Read more

5 Jim Brown Football Cards for the Master Collector

Between his basic and master set, Jim Brown is the most popular Pre-1970 player in PSA’s football player set registry. It’s no surprise why. Brown was an All-American at Syracuse University, was dominant over his NFL career, then had a successful post-NFL career in film. Brown is the only player in NFL history to average … Read more

Highlights From the 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention

Attending the 2021 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago just wasn’t possible for me. Luckily, growing hobby interest means folks constantly shared terrific images from the event on social media. While I’m sharing photos of many high-end items, you don’t need a $50k bankroll to enjoy The National. Plenty of my friends showed up with … Read more

The Notoriously Tough 1966 Topps #132 Football Checklist

To celebrate the upcoming NFL season, and in honor of seeing a collector share the following image of an incredibly rare high-grade 1966 Topps football #132 Checklist from The National 2021, I thought I’d do a deeper dive into this notoriously condition sensitive football card. The checklist is the most challenging card to find in … Read more

A 1974 Topps Basketball Grocery Wax Tray Finally Came to Market

The second article I ever published on the blog was back in January of 2020, and it was titled Rising Prices: 1974 Topps Basketball Unopened. In it, I talked about how vintage unopened had been going up in price and shared photos of most of the 1974 Topps Basketball unopened products that exist. Later in … Read more

The Curious Thing About 1979 Topps Baseball Sell Sheets

In June 2021, I wrote about the 1981 and 1982 Topps Baseball Cello Sheets and how interesting it was that Topps used their wax packs to advertise their cello products. Well, that’s not the first time Topps did something interesting on sell sheets from a marketing perspective. The 1979 Topps baseball sell sheets, for wax-packs, … Read more