Frank Gifford 1959 Bazooka Box

I’d love to know if a complete (18 + 1 variation) 1959 Bazooka Football Box set run exists in the hobby. Larry Fritsch always said the Chuck Connerly variations were the toughest to track down, but there can only be a few of this Frank Gifford copy that was auctioned off in April 2003.

From a printing perspective, these Bazooka gum boxes first had baseball players on them; football players came later in the fall. The belief is that the Conerly’s, Groza, and Tracy are short prints. That’s mostly a conclusion related to the baseball cards and then football card availability. A forum user wrote, “In early 1959 Topps released a nine card Bazooka baseball card set on the bottom of 25 piece Bazooka gum boxes. The promotion was so popular that they added 14 additional baseball players to the set later in the season. These 14 are short prints. Late in the year, Topps replaced the baseball players on Bazooka boxes with football players. The SP’s are likely ones added later just like the SP’s in the baseball set.”

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