The Allure of 1978 Topps Dynamite Magazine Panels: A Must-Have for Collectors

Today, I’m wrapping up my five-part series of articles focused on 1978 Topps baseball and its associated sets and promotions. Here are the previous four articles, in case you missed them: In this one, I’ll discuss the six-card 1978 Topps uncut panels that came inside issue 47 of Scholastic Inc’s Dynamite Magazine. It’s a super … Read more

Checklist Chronicles: The Must-Have Post-War Non-Sport Checklists 

I’ve written four checklist era series articles here on PostWarCards so far, which include the Post-War OG Sport Card Checklists, The Retro Classic Sports Card Checklists, The Golden Era of Topps Baseball Checklists, and the Oreo Cookie Hockey Checklists. Well, I decided to take the easy way out regarding non-sport checklists and write about them … Read more

Off-Center Gems: A Closer Look at the 1980s Fleer Basketball Sticker Sets

A few weeks ago, I highlighted the 1971-72 Topps Basketball Stickers as a high-grade collector’s nightmare. So I thought I’d follow up with a discussion about the basketball card sticker sets that Fleer included as part of the first modern-era basketball sets. Like the ’71 Topps stickers, the 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989 Fleer basketball … Read more

1978 Topps Team Checklists: The Essential Resource for Baseball Card Collectors

In addition to their base set and partnership with Burger King in 1978, Topps offered a full sheet of team checklists as a wrapper redemption. The cards share the same design as the team checklists distributed as part of the base set, with just a few card stock differences. Topps designed the cards for collectors … Read more

One of the Toughest Post-War Football Cards – The 1960 Bell Brand Rams #2 Gene Selawski Card

The 1960 Bell Brand Los Angeles Rams football card set is a scarce regional oddball issued in Southern California. The set is distinctive for its yellow borders, colorful player photos, and high-gloss finish. A lot of collectors consider it one of the best post-war oddball football card sets. However, set collectors inevitably run into a … Read more

Exploring the Four 1978 Topps Burger King Sets: A Unique Collaboration

I kicked off my exploration of 1978 Topps Baseball and its accompanying sets last week with a comprehensive guide to the 1978 Topps base set. This article is going to explore Topps’ 1978 collaboration with Burger King. Topps kicked off their partnership with the national fast food chain in 1977 with a set of cards … Read more

This Month on PostWarCards – August 2023

As a hobby historian, I really like old cases; they teach us about product codes and production, tell us when the items were packaged, and make excellent hobby cave/library/museum display pieces. And lately, the Baseball Card Exchange has been selling off a huge collection of empty cases on eBay. I’m not sure if they’re getting … Read more

1992 Score The Franchise Autograph Cards – Musial, Mantle, and Yastrzemski

In their 1992 Series 1 baseball release, Score included Joe DiMaggio’s autograph chase cards. However, it was in Series 2 that Score released The Franchise cards, which would set the standard for certified autograph trading cards. Although The Franchise cards included three individual autographed cards featuring Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle, and Carl Yastrzemski, which were … Read more

The 1978 Topps Baseball Set: A Comprehensive Guide to the Classic Collection

The 1978 Topps Baseball set, much like other ’70s releases when Topps didn’t really have any competition, suffered from quality control issues, but took off in popularity in the early 80s when the rookie-card hobby craze boomed for its inclusion of Eddie Murray, Jack Morris and the multi-player rookie prospect gem featuring Paul Molitor and … Read more