An Incredible 1953-54 Briggs Meats Mickey Mantle

This 1953-54 Briggs Meats Mickey Mantle has the most manufacturer’s packaging borders I’ve ever seen. This one was offered for sale in December 2004. Do you think it was cut for grading?

The Mickey Mantle is the most popular card in the already scarce 1953-54 Briggs Meats 40-card, Washington D.C. regional set. This unique example measured 4-1/2” x 4-3/4” and features the same image of the mantle used by the Dan-Dee and Stalh-Meyer regional issues. According to PSA, the set includes “28 players from the Washington Senators and 12 players from the three New York teams (Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, New York Yankees).”

To put the popularity and cost of this set into perspective, in May 2009, REA sold nine panels, including the following Mantle/Bauer, for $82,250. Granted, the cards were usually hand-cut from the panels, which drove the high price over a decade ago.

However, Memory Lane Inc. did sell this PSA authentic graded Mantle for >$30k in late 2021.

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