Vintage Football Error Cards

I’ve posted a few articles on baseball and basketball error cards in the past:

In this article, I intend to go over a few of my favorite vintage football error cards. There are a ton of football card errors, ranging from reversed images, cards that show the wrong player, incorrect positions, and most commonly, player name misspellings. For a comprehensive list of error football cards, check out the Football Card Gallery run by Near Mint Cards.

1948 Leaf Bobby Layne

There are two variants, and both have his name misspelled as Bobbie; one has yellow pants, the other red pants.

1948 Leaf Bobby Layne Yellow Pants Bobbie Error
1948 Leaf Bobby Layne Red Pants Bobbie Error

1958 Topps R.C. Owens

What’s wrong with this card? That isn’t R.C. Owens. Pictured is Don Owens.

1958 Topps R.C. Owens

1958 Topps John Unitas

The back of the card lists his college as Pittsburgh, but he went to Louisville.

1958 Topps John Unitas Front
1958 Topps John Unitas Reverse – University Error

1955 Topps Byron White

The back of the card has Gaynell Tinsley’s bio. There is a corrected version.

1955 Topps All American Whizzer White Gaynell Tinsley Bio

1957 Topps Will Sherman 

The 1957 Topps Sherman card has a printing error on the front where his team is missing.

1957 Topps Bill Sherman No Team Error
1957 Topps Bill Sherman Team on Front

If you’re a fan of football cards, I highly recommend spending more time on the Football Card Gallery run by Near Mint Cards. And for more from me, check out my Twitter account..

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