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Topps Cello Pack Wrappings 1957-1961

There is an essential lesson in collecting vintage products, just because it’s graded doesn’t mean it’s real. It’s imperative for collectors spending big dollars to research the items they bid on. GAI graded many fake 1958 Cello Packs, and one of those counterfeit packs was just pulled from an auction, thanks to some hobby experts. Here is the phony pack.

Fake GAI Graded 1958 Topps Cello Pack Front
Fake Gai Graded 1958 Topps Cello Pack Reverse

Topps Cello Packs (clear cellophane) between 1957 and 1961 had the seals run Top/Bottom not Side/Side with only one exception, the 1957 Topps Guild Cello is sealed Side/Side.

Here is a series of legitimate wrappings on Cello Packs from each of these years, followed by the Guild variant.

1957 Topps Cello Pack
1958 Topps Cello Pack
1959 Topps Cello Pack
1960 Topps Cello Pack
1961 Topps Cello Pack
1957 Topps Guild Cello Pack

Remember, always educate yourself as much as possible; Twitter, message boards, and Facebook groups are full of hobbyists happy to share, teach, and debate authenticity and hobby history.

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