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This Week in Sports Cards #7

The 1968 Topps Super Stars Harmon Killebrew, Willie Mays, and Mickey Mantle card is officially my favorite multi-player post-war card. And I’m now in search of a quality example for my collection. What other multi-player cards do you consider classics? Let me know down in the comments.

1968 Topps #490 Super Stars

Baseball Card Variation Book

This week I received my copy of the Baseball Card Variation Book, which Dick Gilkeson compiled.

Baseball Card Variation Book

It is entirely available online as well, thanks to Mike Cady, as The Most Comprehensive Real-time Variation Guide Updating the Pioneering Works of Ralph Nozaki and Dick Gilkeson. Mike and others have been adding additional variants to this incredible online resource, but these original paperback copies are still available. I feel the printed document is a piece of hobby history, and it’s a collectible in its own right, and both resources are and have been invaluable to set collectors. What follows is a photo listing details on 1964 Topps Tattoos, 1965 Topps, and 1966 Topps baseball card variations from the guide.

Baseball Card Variation Book 1965 and 1966 Topps

Hobby Reads

1993 Pinnacle Series 2 Case

Boxes of 1993 Pinnacle Series 2 cards aren’t scarce. But because it’s the series that Derek Jeter rookies are in, the boxes go for between $150-200 these days. But how often have you seen a sealed case? Cases contain 4 boxes, and I can only remember seeing two the last few years. The two images featured below are the two different sales I’ve seen and have all the pertinent serial numbers and markings to identify them.

1993 Pinnacle Series 2 Case (Top and Sides)
1993 Pinnacle Series 2 Case (Bottom)

In the News

  • A new reality tv show, following Ken Goldin and his auction company, is being pitched.
  • PSA e-mailed collectors saying they expect to be caught up on order entry of backlogged submissions by the end of May (and hope to begin reintroducing services in July), surpassed 1000 employees, acquired Genamint, and named a few new executives.
  • Sports Collectors Daily highlighted an interesting hockey find.
  • While not particularly hobby-related, I still love the game of baseball, and I thought this article on no-hitters becoming increasingly inevitable was a great read.

Garbage Pail Kids

Did you know the original Garbage Pail Kids were a Topps ‘Wacky Packages’-like parody of Cabbage Patch Kids? Topps asked John Pound to do 40 paintings for the set in two months, including the legendary Adam Bomb. This week, Beckett detailed the 2021 Topps Garbage Pail Kids set.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #8a Adam Bomb

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  1. George George

    My favorite multiplayer card, as a Clemente fan, is the ’68 “Manager’s Dream” with Clemente, Oliva and Cardenas. But it’s hard to argue with the star power of the Mantle-Mays-Killebrew card. The 1958 “World Series Batting Foes” with Mantle and Aaron is also an all-time classic.

    • John John

      That managers dream card is also really great. I wonder if it was a photo of opportunity into a card or if Topps pre planned it?

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