This Month on PostWarCards – September 2023

Three things to share this month. First, I’ve been busy researching a lot of poorly documented parts of the hobby lately, like the 1950/60s Burger Beer Cincinnati Reds cards, the 1954 Blue Ribbon CFL cards, the Finer Points of Baseball Instructional Booklets, 1956 Bowman baseball, the 1961 7-11 baseball cards, and Exhibits checklists. So, to complete that work, there probably won’t be as many archive additions the next few months.

Second, my hobby library has been multiplying, and some folks have been asking for more photos and lists of everything I’ve got; unfortunately, that would be a big job (I haven’t kept good documentation), but if you think a page on the site called “Hobby Library” is something you’d be interested in, I can start another long-term project, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll continue sharing new pickups and interesting scans from my library on Twitter.

And third, I want to draw your particular attention to Newsletter #50, which I published on August 31st; I share some history about the 1954 Topps baseball box Nat Turner picked up and BBCE authenticated at July’s National Sports Collectors Convention.

1954 Topps Baseball Unopend Wax Box (4 Card Pack)
1954 Topps Baseball Unopend Wax Box (4 Card Pack) – In Previous GAI Holder

In terms of hobby writing, I published eight new articles and made 24 archive additions here on I also issued five Post War Cards Newsletters over on Substack. I’ve linked all the new material below.

Articles Published in August

Here are the eight articles I published on the blog this month.

The Unopened Archive

Here are the 21 sets I added to the Unopened Archive in August:

The Oddball Archive

Here are the three sets I added to the Oddball Archive in August:

The Post War Cards Newsletter

And finally, thanks for reading PostWarCards; if there is a topic you’d like me to write about or a set you’d like me to prioritize for either archive, please reach out to me.

Happy collecting!

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