This Month on PostWarCards – June 2022

I launched The Post War Cards Newsletter this month, and two editions came out! So if you like the sorts of things I write about here on the blog and want to discuss sports card news and the industry, join me and subscribe! 

As a hobby participant, I added a few more old card catalogs and 1963 Fleer baseball cards to my collection. I also picked up a nice PSA graded 1993 SP baseball wax pack. I’ve wanted one for a while but kept getting outbid. My patience paid off, and I got one at a reasonable price.

And here on PostWarCards.Com this month, I added quite a bit of content despite two weeks of work travel. Twenty-six new articles and archive additions were made to the site this month, along with the two newsletters, and they are all listed below.

Articles Published in May

Here are the nine articles I published on the blog this month.

The Unopened Archive

Here are the 12 sets I added to the Unopened Archive in May:

The Oddball Archive

Here are the five sets I added to the Oddball Archive in May:

The Post War Cards Newsletter

And finally, thanks for reading PostWarCards; if there is ever a topic you’d like me to write about or a set you’d like me to prioritize for either archive, please reach out to me.

Happy collecting!

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