This Month on PostWarCards – January 2023

Happy New Year! May the coming year be full of extraordinary hobby adventures and unique pickups for your personal collections.

Looking back at 2022, I’ve never enjoyed the hobby more. I grew my hobby library, started collecting a few new sets, and picked up a lot of unique cards. I’ve also got into a nice groove of publishing two articles weekly here on the blog, making consistent additions to both of the site’s archives and publishing the newsletter. My 2023 plans? More of the same.

One year ago, in January 2022, I shared the blog’s most-visited pages from 2021, so I thought I would update the list and share the articles and archive pages that were the most visited in 2022:

2022’s Most Visited Articles

  1. A Closer Look at Cal Ripken Jr’s 4 Rookie Cards – 3rd in 2021
  2. The 1990 Topps #414 Frank Thomas NNOF No Name on Front Card – 2nd in 2021
  3. 5 Surprisingly Expensive 1991 Topps Desert Shield Cards
  4. Pulling the Bill Ripken FF Error from 1989 Fleer Wax Boxes – 1st in 2021
  5. 5 Reasons to Collect Uncut Sheets of Sports Cards – 5th in 2021
  6. 4 Expensive Baseball Card Printing Errors – Modern Edition – 4th in 2021
  7. A Look Back at the Dmitri Young Collection and Auction
  8. 5 Baseball Reprint Sets You Should Know
  9. The 1991 Topps Desert Shield #333 Chipper Jones Card
  10. 1986 Fleer Basketball Wax Pack Sequencing

The Top Five performing articles from 2021 continued to send the blog a lot of traffic in 2022, primarily from Google searches. And generally speaking, the sorts of pieces that tend to get the most referral traffic from search engines are list oriented; Top 5, 4 Great, 8 Cards You Should Know, etc. It’s also interesting that it takes 4-6 months for the search engines to establish a site in its rankings before any meaningful traffic is forwarded.

Social Media traffic spikes occur a little more randomly, either when I post a new article that multiple people immediately share or when someone shares a link in a Facebook group with a lot of members. But however you got here, thank you all for reading the blog!

2022’s Most Visited Archive Pages

  1. 1952 Topps Baseball
  2. 1956 Topps Baseball
  3. 1968 Topps Baseball
  4. 1953 Topps Baseball
  5. 1948 Leaf Baseball

None of the Oddball Archive sets made the Top 5; only baseball sets from the Unopened Archive. And the 1952 Topps baseball page was visited more than the next 4 (really the next 20) combined.

Anywho, this month on PostWarCards.Com, 28 new articles and archive additions were published, along with the 16th and 17th Post War Cards Newsletters. I’ve linked all the new material below.

Articles Published in December

Here are the eight articles I published on the blog this month.

The Unopened Archive

Here are the 17 sets I added to the Unopened Archive in December:

I’m constantly updating pages, so check back on your favorites from time to time.

The Oddball Archive

Here are the three sets I added to the Oddball Archive in December:

The Post War Cards Newsletter

And finally, thanks for reading PostWarCards; if there is a topic you’d like me to write about or a set you’d like me to prioritize for either archive, please reach out to me.

Happy collecting!

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