This Month on PostWarCards – February 2023

I’m about to release the 20th Post War Cards Newsletter, and I’ve been enjoying writing them so much that I’m debating changing my release schedule from every other week to weekly.

From a collecting perspective, I’ve been picking up a lot of random oddball cards but recently acquired a white whale of sorts. This card isn’t that rare or expensive, but I’ve been trying to get a decent one at a reasonable price for around two years; here’s my newly acquired 1948-49 Exhibits George Mikan.

1948-49 Exhibits George Mikan – SGC 2.5

The next card that fits a similar profile that I’d like to get, but have been waiting patiently for the right card/price, is a 1963 Fleer Baseball Checklist.

Anywho, this month on PostWarCards.Com, 31 new articles and archive additions were published, along with the 18th and 19th Post War Cards Newsletters. I’ve linked all the new material below.

Articles Published in January

Here are the 10 articles I published on the blog this month.

The Unopened Archive

Here are the 19 sets I added to the Unopened Archive in January:

I’m constantly updating pages, so check back on your favorites from time to time.

The Oddball Archive

Here are the two sets I added to the Oddball Archive in January:

The Post War Cards Newsletter

And finally, thanks for reading PostWarCards; if there is a topic you’d like me to write about or a set you’d like me to prioritize for either archive, please reach out to me.

Happy collecting!

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