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The Official Launch of the Unopened Archive

I’ve quietly been building up a new resource here on PostWarCards. And while I’ve shared a bit of its content over on Twitter, now that there are 18 pages on it, I wanted to announce the Unopened Archive officially.

Over the past 20ish months of blogging, I’ve shared over 20 articles about fake products and the vintage unopened market; here’s a list of all of them:

I’ve also owned or saved many photos of vintage packs, boxes, and cases over the years and felt this was the best way to preserve some hobby history, share scarce photos of truly unique collectibles, and entertain collectors.

No one has perfect knowledge of the vintage unopened market, myself included. I also don’t have photos of every product the major sports collectible companies made, so if you have any pictures to add, corrections, or requests, please contact me via any method described on the about page.

In the meantime, enjoy the Unopened Archive.

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