The Loaded 1989 Score Football Set

1989 Score football wasn’t the most popular football set the year it was released. That honor went to Pro Set. However, it’s now considered a landmark modern football set and rivals many other modern baseball sets in popularity.

The 1989 Score Football Set

There are 330 cards in the 1989 Score set. Score did something pretty interesting in that they printed blue borders on superstar player cards, red borders for regular players, and green for rookies and subsets. Because Pro Set was more popular at the time, Score was underproduced by comparison. Now over 30 years later, the set is loaded with Hall of Fame rookie cards because they added draft picks, incorporating two draft classes (1988 and 1989) in the one set.

Key Cards include:

  • Michael Irvin RC (HOF)
  • Chris Carter RC (HOF)
  • Rod Woodson RC (HOF)
  • Tim Brown RC (HOF)
  • Bruce Matthews RC (HOF)
  • Thurman Thomas RC (HOF)
  • Deion Sanders RC (HOF)
  • Barry Sanders RC (HOF)
  • Derrick Thomas RC (HOF)
  • Steve Atwater RC (HOF)
  • Troy Aikman RC (HOF)
1989 Score Troy Aikman

If you are looking to find PSA 10 variants, there are plenty of star players available for individual purchase. Barry Sanders commands the highest prices, now pushing over $400.

1989 Score Barry Sanders

Other than the HOF Rookies, there are also cards for Hall-of-Fame players like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and Dan Marino.

Unopened Product

The cost of unopened 1989 Score product has exploded for this set in the past two years. Individual boxes were $300 for years and years, but they are now pushing well over $500 and $600 for those from a sealed case.

1989 Score Football Box

Factory sets go for between $100-150 and have pushed $300 From a Sealed Case.

1989 Score Football Factory Set

Vending boxes are available for between $500-600.

1989 Score Football Vending Box


If you are looking to collect a set that has a slew of star player cards, a variety of unopened products, and growing popularity, the 1989 Score Football set might be the right one for you.

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