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The 1952 Topps Look ’N See Set

The 135-card 1952 Topps Look ‘N See set is often described as the ideal non-sports set in the post-war hobby and is incredibly popular. Its popularity probably stems from the year of release and the diversity of subjects (political figures, musicians, explorers, pirates, etc.) appealing to a wide swath of collectors. Forty-two collectors are sharing their progress on the PSA Set Registry.

1952 Topps Look ‘N See #104 Queen Elizabeth II

The cards were released in penny and five-cent packs with rumors of vending boxes as well. 

1952 Topps Look ‘N See Penny Pack

The cards also came in two series: series one has 75 cards, and series two has 60, with the second series being slightly scarcer.

Card 82, Rembrandt is considered one of the toughest in the set. With over 250 samples submitted to PSA, there is 1 PSA 9, 1 PSA 8.5, and 7 8s. However, numerous examples lack a PSA 9 or 10, such as William Penn, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Francis Drake, Jules Verne, Lester B. Pearson, Daniel de Foe, Michelangelo, Johannes Gutenberg, and Victor Herbert.

1952 Topps Look ‘N See #82 Rembrandt

The most popular is still the Babe Ruth card, even though he’s the only baseball player in the set. PSA has graded over 700 1952 Look ‘N See Ruth cards. Other high pop cards include George Washington, Amelia Earhart, Gen George Patton, and Thomas Edison. 

1952 Topps Look ‘N See #15 Babe Ruth

The priciest high-grade cards are Franklin Roosevelt (card #1), Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Rembrandt, William Beaverbrook, John D. Rockefeller, and Joan of Arc.

1952 Topps Look ‘N See #1 Franklin Roosevelt

But don’t let the high prices of PSA graded samples discourage you; mid-low grade complete sets can be found for between $500-1000, with singles going for just a few dollars.

The Look ‘N See set is considered the top post-war non-sports card series and is worth considering if you’re looking to expand the depth of your collection, particularly if you appreciate incredible artwork and history. Happy collecting!

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