Uncovering Topps’ X-Out Box Practices: A Look at a 1982 Cello Case with Original Purchase Receipt

In the world of vintage sports card collecting, Topps is THE brand. For decades, the company has produced some of the industry’s most iconic and sought-after cards. Among these treasures is the 1982 Topps Baseball set, which includes the rookie card for Cal Ripken Jr. And, recently, collectors have been buzzing about the sale of … Read more

What is a Topps X-Out Unopened Box?

Vintage unopened sports card material has been a popular segment of the hobby for a while now. One of the more prominent companies, and industry leaders, in the segment, is the Baseball Card Exchange, owned and operated by Steve Hart. Steve even authenticates unopened packs for PSA. They don’t have a huge social media presence, … Read more