1978 Donruss KISS Series I and II Unopened Wax Cases

I’d love to see what a pair of 1978 Donruss KISS Series 1 and II Unopened Wax Cases would command together at auction today!

These were offered in 2002 by Mastro, so who knows how legitimate they were. The Series 1 case was described as opened but untouched, with a few boxes showing rippling from exposure to dampness at some point. The Series II case was described as unopened.

Heritage did sell this 1st Series case for $25,200 in February 2022.

1984 Fleer Dune Wax Cases

With ‘Dune: Part Two’ having just been released in theaters, I’d be remiss not to remind everyone of the 1984 Film and that Fleer, of course, made a set of cards for it.

Collect Auctions sold this 12-box sealed case of the 1984 product for $566 in November 2020. 

However, one of the bottom seals (where the bottom meets the side) of the tape was torn, and the case had some significant handling wear.

Last week, a collector sold another full case on the Facebook ‘Vintage Wax and Packs’ group, this one with very dried tape, and hence not sealed, for $1500 (the boxes looked super clean and untouched).