The 1976 Topps Basketball and Hockey Free Goods Factory Sealed Boxes and Cases

As a fan of vintage unopened sports cards, I’ve studied a lot of the products and have a goal to document them all on the Unopened Archive. Recently, the BBCEmporium listed for sale a pair of vintage unopened items that I had only ever heard actually existed; factory-sealed 1976 Topps basketball boxes. See, before 1990, … Read more

Pulling the Bill Ripken FF Error from 1989 Fleer Wax Boxes

I previously discussed the 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken #616 FF Error card in the article 4 Expensive Baseball Card Printing Errors – Modern Edition. Basically, Fleer began printing the 660-card set in late 1988. The card with the profanity made it through quality control and was released in packs to the public. Once Fleer realized … Read more