1956 Topps Uncut Sheet of 110 Cards

Hobby History From A November 2001 Mastro Auction – A 1956 Topps Baseball Uncut Sheet of 110 Cards.

This 110-card production sheet features cards numbered 1-100 plus ten double prints. Included are Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Al Kaline, Ernie Banks, and Warren Spahn. Hank Aaron and William Harridge are among the double-printed cards.

I’ve read that the hobby has under 30 1956 Topps production sheets, and many are overprinted errors.

Regarding pricing, REA sold the following example in their Spring 2022 catalog for $57600. Ernie Banks and Jackie Robinson are double-printed on this one!

1938 R323 Goudey Heads-Up Complete Low Number Series Uncut Sheet of 24 Cards

This incredible 1938 R323 Goudey Heads-Up Complete Low Number Series Uncut Sheet of 24 Cards with DiMaggio, Foxx, and Feller was available in Mastro’s December 2004 catalog.

The sheet contains the set’s entire first series, numbers 241-264, inclusive, and ordered in sequence. Of the twenty-four players, nine are Hall of Famers. The sheet was described as being 14-1/4” x 11-3/8” with some corner and border faults and some visible restoration to suppress surface flaws.

The Hall of Famers include Charlier Gehringer, Ernie Lombardi, Jimmy Foxx, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Greenberg, Al Lopez, Bobby Doerr, Ducky Medwick, and Bob Feller.

1969 Topps Display Box Proof Sheet

Here’s a 1969 Topps Cello Box Proof Sheet. Notice both the purple and red box variations on the single sheet.

The sheet was described as a large 29” x 38” uncut final process sheet that contains six complete 24 count ten cent 1969 Topps display boxes, with each box containing the color photos of Willie Mays, Carl Yastrzemski, Bob Gibson, Pete Rose, and others. The sheet was folded down and across at the center over the years and was listed as in VG condition.

Here are examples of both 1969 Topps cello box variations.

1952 Topps Baseball High Number Partial Uncut Sheet With Eddie Mathews

Here’s a gem from the past: a 1952 Topps Baseball High Numbers Partial Uncut Sheet featuring Eddie Mathews in the lower right corner. It’s been a while since I’ve spotted this beauty in the hobby.

While just a partial sheet, it’s pretty rare to find 25 1952 Topps high-number cards together, let alone in an uncut 5×5 grid! The sheet’s overall condition was described as “Very Good” in the lot’s description in Mastro’s November 2000 Fine Sports Auction catalog.

1950 Bowman Football Uncut Sheet

This 36-card uncut production sheet of 1950 Bowman football cards is a legitimate work of art. I definitely need to pick up an early Bowman-era sheet to display in the Hobby Library.

It consists of cards 109 through 124. Card 144 in the bottom right corner is missing a piece, and there is also a stain, mostly evident from the back, which affects four cards.

Lelands sold the following pair of 36-card uncut sheets in December 2001 for $1491; one is the same but without the missing piece.

1972 Topps Candy Lid Test Issue Uncut Proof Sheet

The Spring 1982 issue of Baseball Cards has a great article by Bill Bossert called Uncut Sheets Tell the Untold Story. He shares this incredible proof sheet for Topps’ 1972 Candy Lids test issue in it.

Here’s what he wrote about the set and sheet:

I hope that sheet wasn’t cut up. However, I did find this 1972 Topps Candy Lid Test Proof Willie Mays card that was sold by SCP Auctions for $622 on January 29, 2008.

You can see that Topps printed the Mays card on previously used stock, and there are a few other proof’s out there.