Tipps from Topps Booklets and 1968 Bazooka Baseball Boxes

In 1968, Topps printed a unique booklet called “Tipps from Topps on How to Play Baseball.” It reproduced the playing tipps panels that they printed on 1968 Bazooka baseball boxes. I’ll run down both collectibles in this article. The 20-page (including the covers) Tipps from Topps booklet has green front and back covers with white … Read more

This Week in Sports Cards #8

One of the coolest items I saw this week was an uncut sheet of 1948 Leaf Boxing cards. It sold Monday, May 24, 2021, for $3,383.33. Abandoning Sets I wrote an article in October 2020 about a few collecting projects I’ve tackled, and the W512 was one of the sets I mentioned. I also wrote … Read more