This Month on PostWarCards – December 2022

In last week’s Post War Cards Newsletter, I shared a link to a Forbes article titled, Luka Doncic Trading Card Sells At Auction For A Record $3.12 Million. However, the card purportedly sold privately for $4.6M in 2021, marking a significant loss. So while the November 17th auction is being marketed as the highest price ever … Read more

This Month on PostWarCards – November 2022

Despite being made up of other sports and other sports-related items and memorabilia, I’ve always referred to my collection as a baseball card collection. I bring this up because one of my friends was giving me a hard time about picking up so many stamp and sticker-related books for my “baseball card” collection. I reminded … Read more

This Month on PostWarCards – October 2022

With college football kicking off (Go Illini!), training for a pair of half-ironman triathlons this fall, my day job, and writing for the blog, my personal collecting goals took a back seat in September. Though I did pick up a few more hobby publications, guides, and classic catalogs for the hobby library. Speaking of that … Read more

This Month on PostWarCards – September 2022

This month I’ve continued my hobby library buying crusade picking up dozens of vintage hobby publications, guides, and classic catalogs. Follow me on Twitter to see pictures of all my buys. Between the additions to my bookshelves and the Society for American Baseball Research’s 50th Convention happening in Baltimore last week, I’ve been thinking a … Read more

This Month on PostWarCards – August 2022

My hobby focus this month was on learning, enabled by enormous growth in my hobby library. I share each book/magazine/newspaper pick-up over on Twitter, and once I reorganize my home office, I’ll share an update to an article I wrote in March 2021 called The Books Magazines and Catalogs that Make Up My Sports Card … Read more

This Month on PostWarCards – March 2022

This month, I picked up a complete run of Topps Magazines from 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993. Each came with the original uncut panel/sheet promotional cards and checklist photos; some even had their original mailing protective bags. The entertaining and diverse articles and pictures in this magazine will have an influence on this blog for … Read more