Inside the Baseball Card Business: Insights from a 1966 Topps Baseball Point of Sale Order Booklet

Well, wouldn’t you know it? Hot on the heels of my previous article about 1960s Topps Baseball Dealer Sell Sheets, I stumble across an incredible Topps point-of-sale order booklet from 1966. High Card Company sold the booklet for $301 in September 2017, and as a time capsule, it adds a layer of insight to the … Read more

7 Great Topps World Series Subsets

Game 1 of the 2021 Major League Baseball World Series between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros takes place this evening, so I thought it would be cool to talk about a few of my favorite World Series subsets.  Topps started including World Series subsets in their regular-issue sets in 1960. They included them every … Read more

10 Cards of the Greatest Post-War Pitchers in MLB History

Generally speaking, pitchers don’t get as much hobby love as position players, which is more evident with modern cards. The reason for this is probably because fans only see a pitcher play every four or five days. But in case you are a fan of pitchers, or looking to expand the depth of your collection, … Read more

Ranking The Last Card of 13 Post-War Baseball Legends

A lot of collectors focus on rookie cards and superstar cards from key sets like 1952 Topps. One thing collectors tend to overlook is the last card of a player’s career. What’s cool about the last cards is that they usually present a player’s full career statistics and summarize their entire career. Using the final … Read more