True Mint – Mr. Mint’s Price & Investment Guide to True Mint Baseball Cards

I wrote about Alan “Mr. Mint” Rosen’s first book, The Insider’s Guide to Investing in Baseball Cards and Collectibles, previously on the blog – and had really wanted to get a copy of his second book, published three years later in 1994, but resellers on eBay and Amazon had wanted $70-100 for a copy for a … Read more

Mr. Mint Alan Rosen’s Find II

I haven’t really written about hobby finds here on PostWarCards before. I implied a find in my article about the 1971 Topps Winner Baseball Cards and the 4 Wax Boxes Seen at the 2021 National, and I mentioned that the hobby mocked Alan Rosen for advertising his finds in my review of his book. Given … Read more

Mr. Mint’s Insider’s Guide to Investing in Baseball Cards and Collectibles Still Rings True Over 30 Years Later

Alan Rosen was one of the hobby’s first and most famous sports card dealers; some say infamous. And in 1991, with the help of Doug Garr, he published a fantastic book called Mr. Mint’s Insiders Guide to investing in Baseball Cards and Collectibles. The subheading on the cover read How to buy, sell, and make … Read more

Classic Images of Unopened Sports Cards

There are a few classic images that get shared around the hobby a lot. I thought it would be cool to consolidate a few of them in one place and share a bit about their backgrounds. 1952 Topps Baseball Woolworth’s Display This photo is from the Woolworths in the Bronx, on Fordham Road, displaying a … Read more