18 Awesome Early 1990s Baseball Cards to Collect

The early 1990s have a nostalgic place in my collecting soul since I stopped collecting cards somewhere around 1997 before returning to the hobby as an adult. Today, my collecting and hobby interest is focused more on post-war vintage vs. this late “junk” era, but there are some important cards from this time. Some stand … Read more

8 Pseudo Modern Baseball Rookie Cards Post War Collectors Should Consider

I generally prefer to stick to the objective pre and post-war card eras to define hobby eras because there’s too much subjectivity involved otherwise. For example, some folks call 1988-1994 the junk wax era and anything after 1994 as modern. But I’m not so sure you can call 25-year-old cards modern anymore. The vintage designation … Read more

10 Random Post War Baseball Card Facts

The sports card hobby is full of interesting quirks and tidbits. Perhaps some of these factoids will make for longer, dedicated blog posts in the future, but in the meantime, here are ten random (and short) post-war baseball card facts. 1 Topps released cards in dedicated series through 1973, usually releasing a new series every … Read more

Six Cards That Mattered When I was a Kid

Like many kids in the 80s and early 90s, I collected sports cards with a relentless passion. I was lucky to live in cities with iconic athletes and a bunch of professional sports teams. I grew up in Baltimore when Cal Ripken was a perennial MLB All-Star. My family then moved to Chicago, where we … Read more