14 Incredible Photos Topps and Bowman Used to Inspire Classic Cards

The concept of this blog post is simple, share some incredible photographs that Topps, Bowman, and Fleer used to inspire some classic cards. PSA does provide original photograph authentication as a service that will classify the photograph type. As a collector, it’s essential to understand the differences between the four types of photographs so you … Read more

Cards and Collectibles Related to The Highest Grossing Baseball Movies

A few weeks ago, The Action Network posted a great image showing the ten highest-grossing baseball moves of all time. I thought it would be fun to show sports cards that came from, represent the inspiration for, or are related to those movies. A League of Their Own While Larry Fritsch Cards printed a 3-series … Read more

The Sports Cards I Would Buy If I Had a Million Dollars

It’s fun to fantasize about what life would be like after winning the lottery. After setting life up for comfort, paying off a mortgage, making sure finances would last the rest of my life, etc., I’ve wondered how my collecting habits would change. After getting auction catalogs, browsing sold items on eBay, or walking around … Read more

Ranking The Last Card of 13 Post-War Baseball Legends

A lot of collectors focus on rookie cards and superstar cards from key sets like 1952 Topps. One thing collectors tend to overlook is the last card of a player’s career. What’s cool about the last cards is that they usually present a player’s full career statistics and summarize their entire career. Using the final … Read more