1956 Topps Uncut Sheet of 110 Cards

Hobby History From A November 2001 Mastro Auction – A 1956 Topps Baseball Uncut Sheet of 110 Cards.

This 110-card production sheet features cards numbered 1-100 plus ten double prints. Included are Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, Al Kaline, Ernie Banks, and Warren Spahn. Hank Aaron and William Harridge are among the double-printed cards.

I’ve read that the hobby has under 30 1956 Topps production sheets, and many are overprinted errors.

Regarding pricing, REA sold the following example in their Spring 2022 catalog for $57600. Ernie Banks and Jackie Robinson are double-printed on this one!

$5 Hank Aaron Autographs

Here’s some hobby-show history from March 1982, when you could get a Hank Aaron autograph for $5!

The advertisement for the “East Coast’s Newest and Largest Show..Sports & Paper Collectible Show and Sale” in White Plains, NY, was scanned from the February 1982 issue of Trader Speaks.

And here’s what may be the coolest Hank Aaron signed items in the hobby: a signed ticket stub from the game where he hit his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth.

1976 MSA Sports Discs Hank Aaron

Last week on Twitter, @nightowlcards shared a blog post called Parallels and the ’70s do mix highlighting MSA Discs, particularly the backs. @BeautyOfAGame responded, “An entire volume could be written about the various MSA sets in the 70s and 80s.” I responded by saying, “Challenge…accepted?…” So, an MSA anthology is on the to-do list now.

Anywho, while going through a stack of random cards in my collection, I ran across this 1976 MSA Sports Discs Hank Aaron Blank Back, which looks absolutely incredible in its slab.

When you read about the set, it’s tough to visualize how gorgeous they are and how much bigger the 3-3/8” diameter discs feel in your hand.