Sharing An Incredibly Rare 1968 OPC Hockey 2nd Series Wax Pack

1968 was the first year OPC produced a genuinely unique set. OPC pretty much distributed Topps cards in Canada starting in the 1950s, but in 1968 the arrangement shifted, and Topps and OPC disturbed two similar but different sets. The 1968 OPC set still mimicked the Topps design but had 216 cards to expand with … Read more

A Few Words About GAI and a 1955 Topps Baseball Penny Pack

A few weeks ago, a member of a vintage unopened product group asked for opinions about the 1955 Topps Baseball 1 Cent Pack graded eight by GAI pictured below. A group member responded by saying that penny packs are always tough to authenticate. While a GAI holder isn’t the best provenance (compared to PSA, for … Read more