The Golden Era of Inserts: Exploring the 1991, 1992, and 1993 Donruss Signature Series Cards

In the early 1990s, Upper Deck made waves in the sports card industry with its innovations. In my previous articles, I showcased the 1991 Autograph Heroes Series and their groundbreaking 1990 ‘Find The Reggie’ promotion that sparked the frenzy for inserts. Unwilling to be overshadowed by their competitor, Donruss took inspiration from Upper Deck and … Read more

Five Underrated Baseball Rookie Cards

There are so many criteria one could use to call a baseball card underrated. A baseball card’s merit has a lot to do with the player’s popularity. But, a teammate could have overshadowed the player on the card. Some play in small markets and don’t get national attention. The card might not be as popular … Read more