The NBA Hall of Famer Who Pitched for the Chicago White Sox

Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson are two of the most famous, “modern,” two-sport professional athletes. But did you know there is an NBA Hall of Famer who also pitched for the Chicago White Sox? Among the 13 athletes to play in both the NBA and MLB, Dave DeBusschere was undoubtedly the most successful at basketball. … Read more

Basketball Cards and The Highest Scoring Game in NBA History

On December 13, 1983, the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets combined to put up 370 points. The Pistons won 186-184 in the highest-scoring regular-season game in NBA history. Certainly, triple-overtime helped the teams score so much. The Pistons only became a dominant defensive force later in the 80s. During the 1983 season, Detroit averaged 117.1 … Read more