8 Reasons Why 1952 Topps Baseball Isn’t a Perfect Set

1952 Topps baseball is generally recognized as one of the Big 3 baseball sets with 1909-11 T206 and 1933 Goudey, making it the most iconic postwar set. It also contains one of the most recognizable cards of all time, Mickey Mantle’s 2nd-year card, and great bookends in Andy Pafko and Eddie Matthews. The 407-card 1952 … Read more

Looking to Build an Attractive Vintage Baseball Set Without Breaking the Bank?

In this market, people often think vintage sets are too expensive to complete. Part of the reason for that is that folks tend to highlight the upper-tail of the hobby – namely high-grade, high-end sales. But the vintage sports card market can be affordable, even for vintage set collectors, particularly those willing to show a … Read more