The Golden Era of Inserts: Exploring the 1991, 1992, and 1993 Donruss Signature Series Cards

In the early 1990s, Upper Deck made waves in the sports card industry with its innovations. In my previous articles, I showcased the 1991 Autograph Heroes Series and their groundbreaking 1990 ‘Find The Reggie’ promotion that sparked the frenzy for inserts. Unwilling to be overshadowed by their competitor, Donruss took inspiration from Upper Deck and … Read more

18 Awesome Early 1990s Baseball Cards to Collect

The early 1990s have a nostalgic place in my collecting soul since I stopped collecting cards somewhere around 1997 before returning to the hobby as an adult. Today, my collecting and hobby interest is focused more on post-war vintage vs. this late “junk” era, but there are some important cards from this time. Some stand … Read more

10 Collecting Projects I’ve Tackled in the Last 10 Years

I returned to the hobby about ten years ago. Over these years, I’ve tackled various projects, some successfully finished, others abandoned along the way. In this article, I thought I’d summarize a few of them.  First, a few notes. I almost always complete or nearly complete projects, enjoy them for a short period, and then … Read more

Six Cards That Mattered When I was a Kid

Like many kids in the 80s and early 90s, I collected sports cards with a relentless passion. I was lucky to live in cities with iconic athletes and a bunch of professional sports teams. I grew up in Baltimore when Cal Ripken was a perennial MLB All-Star. My family then moved to Chicago, where we … Read more