The Chase Continues: Exploring Upper Deck’s 1991 Autograph Heroes Series

Today, in the world of sports card collecting, few things generate as much excitement as the chase for rare cards from packs. Upper Deck, one of the industry’s most influential and innovative companies, knew this better than anyone. In 1990, they launched the “Find The Reggie” promotion, which featured an autographed card of baseball legend … Read more

6 Pricey Junk Wax Era PSA 10 Graded Hockey Cards

The junk wax era of sports cards ran from 1988-1994, during which production totals jumped significantly, and beyond what anyone thought was happening. The flood of cards on the market devastated supply vs. demand curves and values dropped dramatically. However, third-party grading has made some cards from this era particularly popular and costly. In this … Read more