9 Incredible 1970s Basketball Rookie Cards

I’m a huge fan of 1970s basketball cards, and I’ve written about them a few times before on this blog: Bill Walton’s 1977 Topps Card 1974 Topps Unopened Material Building a 1970s Topps Collection on a $250 Budget 5 Underrated Basketball cards 1970s Topps basketball cards had low print runs, a unique look, and are … Read more

Bill Walton’s Performance in the 1977 NBA Finals and his 1977 Topps Card

Bill Walton was one of the greatest college basketball players ever. UCLA went 30-0 in back to back seasons under Walton’s leadership. Then he was drafted #1 by the Portland Trail Blazers in the 1974 NBA Draft. He had a solid start to his professional career. But Walton suffered many injuries that ultimately derailed his … Read more

Building a 1970s Topps Graded Basketball Card Collection on a $250 Budget

I’m a big fan of the 1970s Topps basketball cards. They had low print runs, have a truly unique look, and are chock-full of superstars.  In modern basketball card collecting, I see many people being priced out by $1000 Prizm and refactor cards. So my goal is to present an alternative. To put together a … Read more