The Curiously Similar 1970 Topps Baseball and Basketball Checklists

When you study cards as much as I do, you start noticing themes and similarities across the hobby, and I saw something really interesting the other day. Many of you know I’m a big fan of sports card checklists; well, it turns out that the 1970 Topps baseball 5th Series Checklist (#432) and the 1970 … Read more

Ranking The 19 1970s Topps Basketball Checklists 

Some readers may know I collect checklists; you can see my bucket list here. I’ve also always felt that 1970s basketball was one of the most underappreciated post-war eras across the four major sports in our beloved hobby. So I thought I would combine these two passions and rank all 19 checklists Topps produced for … Read more