1991 Classic Basketball Draft Picks – The Premier Edition

This 1991 Classic Basketball Draft Picks advertisement takes me back.

We all wanted that Larry Johnson card, thinking it’d be worth a million bucks, but it turns out they printed 450k sets (not exactly a limited production, eh?)!

PS: Here’s the cover of the September 1991 edition of Baseball Cards Magazine, from which I scanned the ad. 

The Worst Football Cards?

The February 1993 issue of Baseball Cards feature called Readers’ Choice not only had a reader call (incorrectly, IMHO) the 1951 Bowman Paul Richards card the worst baseball card of all time, but it also featured this gem from Dan Tisdale about a pair of 1974 Topps football cards.

Here’s each card in full color. What do you think? Are these the worst football cards? Lineman didn’t get the love from Topps in the ’70s!

The Worst Baseball Card?

The February 1993 issue of Baseball Cards featured a section called Readers’ Choice, but I’m going to have to disagree with Eric Hoffman on this one!

The 1951 Bowman #195 Paul Richards card is the only cartoon image in the 324-card set.

I’ve read that the most common theory concerning the card was that Richards wasn’t named the manager of the Sox until the Bowman cards were nearly ready to print and because Richards retired as an MLB player in 1946 (he was a player-manager with the Buffalo Bisons of the International League from 1947-49), Bowman didn’t have any recent or suitable photos of Richards to colorize, so they had one of their artists do a last-second drawing.

Hobby influencers In The Spring Of 1981

The Premier Issue of Baseball Cards was released in the Spring of 1981 as “the complete sports collectors’ magazine,” the team behind it introduced themselves with this great piece.

Bob Lemke was always known to make great cards, so I presume he designed these. Unfortunately, he died in 2017, but his blog remains online.

Here’s the cover of the issue, too.