1977 Star Wars Trading Card Wrappers: A Comprehensive Guide to International Variations

Following my recent in-depth inspection of the elusive 1977 Topps Star Wars French Wax Packs and Boxes and the documentation of unopened items from the U.S. Topps Star Wars sets on the Unopened Archive, I thought it was time to develop another resource. This post will document the variations in 1977 Star Wars trading card … Read more

An In-Depth Inspection of the 1977 Topps Star Wars French Wax Packs and Boxes

In 1977, Topps released a set of trading cards based on the blockbuster hit movie “Star Wars,” which quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The American Topps Star Wars cards have been well-documented and are highly sought after by collectors to this day, particularly in wax packs and boxes. However, the set was also released in … Read more

Everything We Know About the 1977 Topps Star Wars #207 C-3PO Anthony Daniels Error Card

The 1977 Topps Star Wars #207 C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) Error card is probably the second most infamous card in the hobby (next to the 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken FF Error). But Topps felt the card was a bit too inappropriate and airbrushed the “appendage” out in a later printing of the green-bordered 4th series set. … Read more