1971 Topps Baseball Wax Box Of 24 GAI-Graded Packs

I love the Carpet o’ Wax Pack concept; here are twenty-four graded 1971 Topps baseball packs, each with a coin insert, that Mastro auctioned off as a single lot back in December 2005.

The twenty-four 10-cent packs came with this ~Ex condition wax box. The pack’s grades were as follows: Two were NM-MT 8, 17 were NM+ 7.5, four were NM 7s, and one was an EX-MT+ 6.5.

Packs are pricey these days; BBCE Auctions sold this PSA-8 graded 1971 Topps Baseball 1st Series Wax Pack for $6666.66 in April 2024.

In the same auction, BBCE sold this 2nd Series pack for $3033.81.