Inside the Baseball Card Business: Insights from a 1966 Topps Baseball Point of Sale Order Booklet

Well, wouldn’t you know it? Hot on the heels of my previous article about 1960s Topps Baseball Dealer Sell Sheets, I stumble across an incredible Topps point-of-sale order booklet from 1966. High Card Company sold the booklet for $301 in September 2017, and as a time capsule, it adds a layer of insight to the … Read more

The Oreo Cookie Hockey Checklists

This is my fourth post defining groups of post-war sports card checklists. Earlier, I wrote about: This article is about four hockey checklists I call the Oreo Cookie hockey card checklists, the pair of checklists in the 1965 and 1966 Topps hockey sets. If you’re a graphic artist or card designer and you’ve got to … Read more

Faux Wood Grain Bordered Sports Cards

As I wrote last week’s article about Bobby Orr and the 1966 Topps USA Test set, the wood grain borders reminded me of other sets with a similar look and feel. And love them or hate them, you definitely have an opinion about the faux wood grain bordered cards; they’re pretty unforgettable once you see … Read more

The Notoriously Tough 1966 Topps #132 Football Checklist

To celebrate the upcoming NFL season, and in honor of seeing a collector share the following image of an incredibly rare high-grade 1966 Topps football #132 Checklist from The National 2021, I thought I’d do a deeper dive into this notoriously condition sensitive football card. The checklist is the most challenging card to find in … Read more

A Closer Look at the 1966 Topps #591 Bart Shirley Grant Jackson Card

I’ll often find cards I’m interested in buying for my collection in larger lots at auction houses. I’ll buy the lot and sell the cards I don’t need. A year or two ago, one of the cards highlighted in a lot I purchased was the 1966 Topps #591 N.L. Rookie Stars Bart Shirley Grant Jackson … Read more