5 Great Chicago Cubs Topps Team Cards

I wrote a dedicated article about 10 Incredible Topps Baseball Team Cards in February 2021, highlighting their importance to the hobby. In my wrap-up, I mentioned a Cubs team card as a card to consider beyond the ten. A few weeks ago, while looking through some recent auction results, I noticed the 1971 Topps Cubs … Read more

The Post-War OG Sports Card Checklists

I’m continuing my series of posts defining checklist groups or eras in the post-war sports card market. I previously documented the Golden Era of Topps Baseball Checklists and the Retro Classic Sports Card Checklists. I’m calling this group of cards the Post-War OG Sports Card Checklists; post-war because I know of at least the N173 … Read more

Was the 1957 Topps Design a Response to the 1953 Bowman Color Set?

I was reading hobby Twitter the other day, and someone commented that they thought 1957 Topps was a response to the 1953 Bowman Color set. The thing is, Topps already owned the Bowman brand since early 1956, so they didn’t need to “respond” to anything. However, I think the classic Bowman set likely influenced Topps’ … Read more

Are the 1957 Topps Football Twin Blony and Bazooka Checklists the Set’s True Gems?

Recently, I Tweeted out a picture of a vintage hockey checklist that sold for well over $1k. A collector commented, asking me what my pick for the checklist that was most worthy of a high dollar value. And while I was about 2.5 hours into a 4-hour indoor bike ride on my turbo trainer, the … Read more

A Few More Topps Baseball Card Printing Errors

I’ve been on a bit of a sports card error kick lately, last week writing about a few of my favorite Vintage Football Error Cards. Today, I’ll focus on some unique post-war baseball card errors that Topps made in the printing process.   1957 Topps #20 Hank Aaron If you take a close look, you … Read more

1957 Topps Contest Cards

The 1957 Topps baseball set is one of the most popular in the hobby. It features color photographs and established the card size that the industry adheres to today. The cards also featured, for the first time, multiple-year player statistics. But more importantly, there are a huge number of Hall of Famers in this set. … Read more